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Helping young people make a positive difference in their world.

Light Up Your World™ (LUYW™) is an organization dedicated to envisioning, training, equipping and releasing young people to make a positive difference in their world.

Right now, a student's world may consist of their home, school, neighbourhood and extra-curricular activities.

They can begin now-right where they are- to impact their world and make it a better place. Now is the time!! A world changer understands that the choices they make (good and bad) affect not only their life but the world around them. LUYW™ helps the student to discern how to make choices that will affect their life and the world around them in a positive way and it gives them the skills and tools needed to be a positive world changer.

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Light Up Your World™ (LUYW™) is a series of 3 significant workshops specifically written for grade 7 and 8 students.

Although we do target this age group, it should be noted that LUYW™ has been taught to people of all ages, including adults and in many different settings. The three workshops challenge the students in important areas of their lives at a very strategic time in their development. 

It gets underneath the issues of bullying, low self-esteem, and intermediates often incorrect perceptions of themselves and their value in this world. It teaches peer-mentoring and goal setting, empowering them to become world changers NOW!

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The goals of Light Up Your World™ are to:

• Impart value to every student
• Empower students to impart value to others
• Give students strategies on how to make a positive difference in their world
• Enable students to see themselves as world changers and to begin walking as a world changer NOW!


The Light Up Your World™ workshops are very lively, challenging, and interactive. We use drama, games, media clips, small group activities, and many visuals in each session. Students are very quickly engaged.


Facilitators teach one classroom at a time for the purpose of keeping the environment safe and less intimidating for the students. The facilitator needs a double period (approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes) for each of the three sessions.

  • Session 1
  • Session 2
  • Session 3
  • Teacher Participation?
  • Light & Darkness

    Session one is  about creating “Light or Darkness” - Students learn that because they have the power to make a choice, they have the power to bring change. It is the student who chooses whether or not they are going to smile or frown, say a kind word or a devaluing word, be a friend or an enemy, include or exclude others.

    Their choices affect the people around them and they can choose to make choices that will bring a positive change (light) to their classroom, their home, their neighbourhood and their community.

  • "You" Have Value

    Session two is about the students’ “Value”- teaching kids that they have immense, incredible value and worth and nothing anyone does or says can take that value away from them. They were born with it and it will remain with them all the days of their lives.

    This session addresses the false labels that are often put on people through name calling or negative body language.  Students learn to reject those false labels and they are equipped to be a world changer who imparts value to those in their world.

  • Become a World Changer

    Session three is about “Becoming a World Changer”. This session equips students with practical tools to be a world changer. The emphasis on this session is on goal setting and peer mentoring.

    The student learns that a goal without a plan is just a good intention. Reaching a goal requires setting a plan into place and they will learn how to do that effectively.

  • Teachers are Welcome

    While we don’t require the classroom teacher’s direct participation, we do ask for the teacher to remain with their own class through the series of 3 workshops. This allows them to see and hear what is being presented and to help with follow up and implementation in their own classroom.

    The curriculum covers a number of the Ontario government requirements in the school year.

Students learned that they each had true value...

"The LUYW team was accepting and loving of all our students. Through this world changing curriculum, our students learned that they each had true value and were able to comfort and  affirm fellow classmates’ values through the team’s empathy and assistance. They learned that by a simple illustration of planting a seed in good soil, they would  bring forth a good harvest in their lives and change the world around them. Another example of their curriculum was when they used a comparison of light and dark to good  and bad words/deeds to build a brighter world. We never imagined that  Light Up Your World would change our lives and the lives of our students forever."

Gr. 6 Teachers. Florida Middle School. Lee County

Foundational to building a climate of care and community...

“LUYW is foundational to building a climate of care and community in our school's intermediate division. Students reflect upon their own value and that of others and begin to ponder how their words and actions impact their classroom and their school. It is a powerful bonding exercise for students with one another and with their teachers as they open up and become honest about the things that really matter in relationships. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to provide this amazing program to my students.”

Bonnie Noble. Principal. Ajax, ON

Instrumental part of shaping the culture...

“Light Up Your World has been an instrumental part of shaping the culture here in our Middle School.  Students and teachers are touched by the messages and activities the program teaches.  Not only through the course of the week, but through the entire school year changes in students behaviors are noticeable and teachers begin to look through different lenses as they see their students each day and strive to shine light into each child’s day.  While the world is filled with darkness, here our students and teachers are shining the light as they soar to new heights.”

VP, Florida Middle School

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